Sunday 7 July 2013

Ochota Threat

 Ochota Barrels - The Fugazi Vineyard Grenache 2012

Though preceded with a great reputation, I did have to try this one for the name!
Never a really big Fugazi fan, but I sincerely appreciate the link, between what was playing in the car while the makers were in the vineyard, and this being memorable enough to make it onto the label.

It makes me think of the songs that define a vintage (yes, I know how old that makes me sound)! You spend so much time at work, you get to hear a radio stations programming inside out and back to front over the course of a twelve... fourteen.... eighteen hour shift! That is, of course if you are lucky enough to have a lifeblood of music pumping through the cellar... and then there is the question of which station, or who's mp3/ipod is playing. This alone could be conceived as cruel and unusual punishment, depending who you work with!

I think back over vintages and there are definately some stand out songs, that were flogged on the radio, so they stuck in my mind. Not always great memories, both songs and vintages! But nevertheless, a good song can make you laugh.... or cry. That overflow may not seem so bad next time you hear that song! Or it may evoke that panic in your guts that turns up when you smell burnt stater!
On a positive note, it might remind you of that fling you had with an international cellarhand! Or the end of vintage party where you met your now significant other!
Never underestimate the cocktail of quality liquid lubrication and sheer exhaustion!

Anyway, the wine!
McLaren Vale Grenache. Very rich and weighty for a grenache. There were intense berry flavours, mainly blackberry. Really smooth with a chocolatey roundness.
Minimal spice, considering its a grenache. More of a sweet cinnamon spice which opened up over time to allspice.

I just can't bring myself to match this to Fugazi... But I'll meet it in the middle and say a little bit of Minor Threat would be acceptable! (though unfortunately not on my vintage memory list!)

Looking forward to seeing the next slightly random vineyard inspiration.... Husker Du perhaps?!


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