Saturday 20 July 2013

Doomsday Desecrator

A friend put this one on the table a little while ago, just something he had laying around.

If the name “Bodega Del Fin Del Mundo” which translates to the “End of the World Winery” or “Doomsday Winery” is not cool enough alone, it was a cracking red on top of that!

The label said Pinot, not impossible, in fact probable for cool climate Patagonia, but blind I would swear it could have been Grenache  A Pinot in wolves clothing! Awesome! There should be more of it! One of the most interesting things I’ve tasted in years! The Patagonians have made Pinot palatable! Heheheh.
This would have to be the darkest glass of Pinot I have ever encountered. The slim hint of fruit showing through could only be likened to feijoa?  So random!

Super, super dry, with so much rich spice and sandalwood. It was a bit like sucking on some wine-soaked cinnamon bark!  
This freaky Patagonian Toothfish smoothed out beautifully with air, becoming a well balanced and graceful specimen. I’d like to see it again in 20 years time. It was made to last.

Something else that a friend slung my way some time ago, was a copy of the best damn Thrash I have heard in years! I haven’t been this excited by new music since the first time I heard Destruction! 

And the winner is....... Desecrator! Hell Yeah!

Bullet belts and epic solos, the whole deal! Throw in a couple of falsettos – sensational!
These guys could have stepped straight out of the eighties. Pure and simple; Thrash Metal how it should be.  (and the arty on the cover is a nice touch of nostalgia!)

So cheers to the two most interesting things I’ve seen in years!

Make sure Desecrator are playing at your Doomsday!


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