Friday 28 September 2012


BK Wines Cult
2011 Syrah, Adelaide Hills

A breath of fresh air away from the super serious, holier than thou “we make wine therefore we are above you” (thanks H.D!) Yes, unfortunately, those people still exist... come and see me when you get that aldehyde under control!

This is a savoury beast! Young and prickly, a vibrant mix of spearmint and mulberry smeared on a little carbon paper. White pepper spice, like a salad of Cress and pomegranate pith.
Full on spice nose, but a very gentle wine. Very soft to taste – so different from the nose. It held up well the next day, dried out and exposed a bit of fur – It’s a keeper!

Having a listen to “Torture of the Nameless” by Melbourne lads “Nothing”.
I came across these guys in a very cheesy way! Good mix of old and new styles, it’s a little bit thrashy, a bit nu-skool, there’s plenty of melody and even a hint of black! Looking forward to hearing something more recent, as this one’s from 2009. There was a touch of Mastodon-esqe styling going on in there, and that can only lead to good things!

I certainly need to get some Cult to put away. See how it grows out of its infancy and travels through the teen angst which awaits! I think it will make it out the other side a fine, upstanding citizen, in touch with the best of new world wine philosophy. No bullshit, just quality.

As it says on the BK website “low tech wines with amplification” – That’s what I like to hear!

These guys know what they’re doing!

Check out the BK website – It’s a classic!

“undeniably sexy but with a loud mouth, an over-confident strut and in need of a haircut and rehab. 2011 provided the makeover. The self-assurance remains but a year of hard knocks in the vineyard has tempered this wine an air of prudence and empathy. Warm, sensual, even contemplative. Our audacious rockstar has wised up.”


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