Friday 23 March 2012

Arch Nemesis

2008 Kooyong Massale Pinot Noir

This one was a breath of fresh air for the Pinot Noir struggle within!
Yep.... still find it difficult to get excited about these Beasties!

Funny thing, I’d never tasted this wine before (probably through ignorance.... and because it’s Pinot!) and a work colleague was talking about it one day. Low and behold, I get home and this is what gets put on the table! Same Night! Spooky! Some things are meant to be!

I had the iPod on shuffle cooking dinner the other night. I had to check that it really was Arch Enemy when Nemesis came on! That voice still blows me away!
There are not many chicks that can pull that off, let alone do it so well!

I remember one of the worst female vocalists I ever saw was at the Arthouse (r.i.p) way back when! It was like slowly squeezing a cat to death, recording it and playing it back at a higher pitch and a lower speed! Choose not to remember the name of the band, but there was a Spiderman suit involved.....!? Damn 90’s punks!

I digress..... As usual!

This Kooyong didn’t need a costume for a gimmick! Nothing to hide here!
Great deep garnet colour.
Like drinking straight raspberry cordial – but proper, real raspberry, like the one that Seppelts used to make? Was it them?

Sensational, velvety mouth feel with a concentrated aftertaste of dried cherries and cranberries.
Fine tannin on the finish. It did well with a bit of air, opened up nicely.

Put on some Arch Enemy when you crack the Massale. Be reassured that sometimes the planets will align and some things are just meant to be!


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