Friday 3 February 2012

Ugly Men of Metal

Chewton’s Ugly Men Series
Harcourt Valley 2008 Old Vine Shiraz

Who said buying wines because of the labels wasn’t a good idea?!
Ok, ok, for the most part it isn’t. If you have to pay someone multitudes to design you an eye-catching label, let alone buying labels (those puppies can be expensive!), you may not have much left for what goes in the bottle! Priorities.

Regardless, these ones are worth it! There are actually some very reputable wineries in the set!
These were a gift, but all the cash raised goes to funding the local swimming pool, so my gifter’s money is at least going to a worthy cause, that doesn’t belong to a supermarket chain!

Let’s face it.... Historically; Metal hasn’t always generated the most attractive of peoples! But that’s a whole lot of the charm right there!
We’ve taken ugly to new levels..... and made it cool! Who would have thought Lemmy and his carbuncles would ever be raised to demi-god status?!
We took being picked last in the school cricket match for being weedy and turned it on its head! Now we don’t get picked in workplace seminar teams ‘cause we don’t want to!! We made it our own and we love it!

I digress....!

Ugly Men! Yes! The wine, not us or those we know and love!

This one came from Harcourt Valley (all the wines in this set are from that Bendigo kind of region, makes sense, near Chewton– donated perhaps?). Each label has a picture of a different bloke from the area – apparently there’s a competition to get on the labels!! Heheheh! Sensational idea!

The nose is quite raisiny and a little musty. Opens up to some minty goodness with a bit of air. Some eucalypt, but not over the top. A hint of something that I can only liken to Dettol! But it’s not offensive! Thins out a bit much for me on the back palate and seems a tad hot. It’s only got four years on it, but I think it would’ve been better new.

We’re all guilty of buying something for the label.... come on, who hasn’t bought ACDC wine? Just because you can! I don’t believe you if you say you haven’t!

Check this out for a laugh - or reminisce....

No listening suggestion for this, as ugliness is in the eye of the beholder!
Go and dig out that deep, dark secret in your vinyl collection and play it today!!


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