Wednesday 18 January 2012

Hell in the Yarra Valley

A recent wine tasting expedition to the Yarra Valley with some fellow Metal Heads was certainly an eye opener!

I’ve been tasting wine for a long time. I’ve also liked metal for a long time. I can look as conservative as the next person, though I often choose not to!
To the best of my knowledge, my clothes don’t affect my tasting ability!

The lack of customer service we experienced in the Yarra Valley was abhorrence on the industry. Shame on you. Though to be fair, I have experienced this in other regions...

The amount of times we had to ask to be served; we were looked up and down then ignored! The cellar door staff who pour on auto-pilot, without even asking what you want to taste.... our time is precious; we know what we want.... if only you’d care to ask!

There were things I would have purchased out of interests sake, but every fibre of my being refuses to, when that’s the kind of treatment I get!

Within this small group of avid wine-drinkers were an Italian Chef and an Australian Winemaker.
I would have thought that’s a fairly good basis for some genuine interest in the products, warranting some small level of general courtesy, if not service?

Nope, it would appear not! Ended up heading to the Dairy and selecting some small producers for them to take home and try themselves.

Next time you bother to go tasting in the Yarra Valley – sorry IF you bother to go tasting in the Yarra Valley (you can get the same level of customer service and information at Dan Murphy’s.... without the petrol bill!) make sure you listen to Dreadnaught’s “Hell” off ‘Dirty Music’ for the return road trip!
I for one had certainly had enough, and was in some kind of Hell!!
I despise not supporting Australian wine like this, so I’ll at least support Australian Music!

Sometimes people in black t-shirts may know more about wine than you do.
Sometimes people in studded belts may get paid more than you do.
Sometimes those same people like to spend their money on the finer things in life.....


Pull your heads out of your arses and get over yourselves.
What an embarrassment!

PS. There was ONE place that bucked the trend.... ONE ONLY! Pitiful!


  1. It was pretty shitty service thats for damn sure!

    Bugger it we had a good time! Even though a certain chef was looking a little green around the edges.....

    And damn those perfume loaded moles... no idea, even Iknow better than that.. and thats saying something :)

  2. Please, wine-loving metal heads, name some names... DC, Sticks, DB's, Medhurst, who? I want to know, I wanna run this through the agenda of the cellardoor sub-committee of the YVWGA.
    Thanks, all feedback is good, this sort is probably the most constructive.
    Though, I gotta say, it can be devilishly hard to obtain staff who "get it" for hospitality in the country air.

  3. Please, metal-heads, name some names. DC, DB's, Sticks, Medhurst, who? I wanna run this throuugh the agenda of the cellardoor subcommittee of the YVWGA.
    Thanks, all feedback is good, positive makes you feel furry but this sort is constructive.
    Though, I gotta say that it can be devilishly hard to find staff who "get it" for hospitality venues in the country air.

  4. One word for people who think treating others like shit makes them more superior - wankers!


  5. Punt Road was the very worst. Oakridge was a close second. Sticks was the only shining light, hence there's a No. 29 Cabernet review to come!