Monday 2 January 2012

Cross Cultural Riesling of the Ancients

1982 Wyndham Estate TR2 Black Label Traminer Riesling

Whoa!! This one was always going to be interesting!! Dark amber – honey colour more like an ale than anything else.

The shrunken little cork certainly wasn’t hinting at redemption either! If anything, it was reminiscent of jumping into very cold water (if you get my drift)!

On first opening, this was a dry little number! So very amontillado-like it was actually drinkable! Dry but at the same time extremely rich... couldn’t do more than a couple of glasses.

It was a particularly interesting exercise to look at this a day later. I was sure it would be completely shot, but it had opened up really beautifully.
It was like oat biscuits soaked in fortified apricot nectar! Viscous and syrupy; a definite improvement with time.

So very odd and interesting!

For some odd and interesting metal, get your drinking horns out for Korpiklaani – Finnish Folk Metal!
It’s a little bit like Eurovision meets Rammstein – but better! The album is Korven Kuningas, tracks of particular note are Kipakka and Runamoine. Up-beat folk with some awesome guitar riffs...

Viking Metal and Dodgy old Traminer!

Get amongst it!!


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