Saturday 21 January 2012

Running With Obus

2008 Running With Bulls Tempranillo

Ahhhh, Spain. If I couldn’t live in Australia, Spain would be a more than pleasant substitute!

So many people have recounted their horror stories of Spain to me; anyone would think it’s all thieves and gypsies. I was lucky enough to have the opposite experience. There were times when things really should have gone awfully wrong, but didn’t!
I attribute this to sticking with people like me.... The metal scene in Spain was awesome!!! And metalheads look after metalheads... at least they do in Spain (cheers CP!)!

Though not screaming ‘Spanishness’, this is a damn fine version of a Tempranillo. It’s a bit bigger than I expected, in fact I thought I may have left it a bit long.... but it is Barossa, so it was safe as houses! (.......just personally, I probably prefer the Wrattonbully one....)

It has amazing colour; deep, clean garnet hues. It smells a touch savoury, as a temp should, but is backed up by plump, ripe fruit, giving it a particularly Australian weight.
Don’t be deceived, it is as dry, dry, dry as can be, with spicy white pepper and beautifully fine tannins, re-iterating the savoury beginning.

It has quite a concentrated taste, like a red wine reduction with a big blob of butter just starting to melt into it.
As it opens up, it’s like the pungency of fresh lavender when you get it on your hands, that really intense herbaceous smell, that isn’t quite pleasant but is intriguing nonetheless.

Go and find yourself some Obus to listen to! Old school Spanish metal! Fortu certainly knows how to look after people! This guy was introduced as “The Spanish Ozzy Osbourne” at which I laughed... until I googled it a few days later and he actually is! Very memorable night (that is, the bits that can be remembered)!!

Good times!!
Wednesday 18 January 2012

Hell in the Yarra Valley

A recent wine tasting expedition to the Yarra Valley with some fellow Metal Heads was certainly an eye opener!

I’ve been tasting wine for a long time. I’ve also liked metal for a long time. I can look as conservative as the next person, though I often choose not to!
To the best of my knowledge, my clothes don’t affect my tasting ability!

The lack of customer service we experienced in the Yarra Valley was abhorrence on the industry. Shame on you. Though to be fair, I have experienced this in other regions...

The amount of times we had to ask to be served; we were looked up and down then ignored! The cellar door staff who pour on auto-pilot, without even asking what you want to taste.... our time is precious; we know what we want.... if only you’d care to ask!

There were things I would have purchased out of interests sake, but every fibre of my being refuses to, when that’s the kind of treatment I get!

Within this small group of avid wine-drinkers were an Italian Chef and an Australian Winemaker.
I would have thought that’s a fairly good basis for some genuine interest in the products, warranting some small level of general courtesy, if not service?

Nope, it would appear not! Ended up heading to the Dairy and selecting some small producers for them to take home and try themselves.

Next time you bother to go tasting in the Yarra Valley – sorry IF you bother to go tasting in the Yarra Valley (you can get the same level of customer service and information at Dan Murphy’s.... without the petrol bill!) make sure you listen to Dreadnaught’s “Hell” off ‘Dirty Music’ for the return road trip!
I for one had certainly had enough, and was in some kind of Hell!!
I despise not supporting Australian wine like this, so I’ll at least support Australian Music!

Sometimes people in black t-shirts may know more about wine than you do.
Sometimes people in studded belts may get paid more than you do.
Sometimes those same people like to spend their money on the finer things in life.....


Pull your heads out of your arses and get over yourselves.
What an embarrassment!

PS. There was ONE place that bucked the trend.... ONE ONLY! Pitiful!
Monday 2 January 2012

Cross Cultural Riesling of the Ancients

1982 Wyndham Estate TR2 Black Label Traminer Riesling

Whoa!! This one was always going to be interesting!! Dark amber – honey colour more like an ale than anything else.

The shrunken little cork certainly wasn’t hinting at redemption either! If anything, it was reminiscent of jumping into very cold water (if you get my drift)!

On first opening, this was a dry little number! So very amontillado-like it was actually drinkable! Dry but at the same time extremely rich... couldn’t do more than a couple of glasses.

It was a particularly interesting exercise to look at this a day later. I was sure it would be completely shot, but it had opened up really beautifully.
It was like oat biscuits soaked in fortified apricot nectar! Viscous and syrupy; a definite improvement with time.

So very odd and interesting!

For some odd and interesting metal, get your drinking horns out for Korpiklaani – Finnish Folk Metal!
It’s a little bit like Eurovision meets Rammstein – but better! The album is Korven Kuningas, tracks of particular note are Kipakka and Runamoine. Up-beat folk with some awesome guitar riffs...

Viking Metal and Dodgy old Traminer!

Get amongst it!!