Friday 11 November 2011

Curly Violet Babes

Curly Flat 2008 Pinot Noir, Macedon Ranges

This tasty little morsel came to me from a new and much valued acquaintance. You know who you are....!

I can’t say I’ve had much success in finding what I like in Macedon Ranges wines. I got a bit put off by bad experiences with certain producers, whilst working in the region some time ago. Made it all a bit hard to take them seriously, especially at the prices some command!

I had heard much about Curly Flat from both past and present employees, so was certainly curious.

This particular bottle came with instructions to give it some air – this is what I like to see in a 3 year old Pinot! Nowhere near ready!! Finally! Someone’s making a Keeper!

I was so excited to have a bottle of Burgundy from the year I was born, back on my 30th birthday. It was fresher than any Australian offering I’ve ever had! We have been getting it so wrong!

Something I do find surprising is that these guys sell half bottles. Not something you see every day, particularly in the price point...

Fairly heady alcohol and a touch stalky on the nose. Great deep red - purple colour. Really tight acid, almost minerally and flinty – must come back to the soil. There’s a hint of molten butterscotch and a toasty aftertaste. Nice! There’s a fair whack of tannin in there, but they’re really fine tannins, they just need some time to loosen up.

This wine just screams Violets to me! There’s an unobvious floral accent that’s almost not floral at all.... the colour is more purple than most, It’s violets in a glass!

So listen to ‘Bruise Violet’ by Babes In Toyland with this one! From one screaming Violet to another!

I know, it’s more punk than metal, but Kat Bjelland is certainly one of the most intense females in music. What’s not to love about a girl wearing a baby-doll dress and high heels whilst playing some of the loudest guitar and screaming her guts out?! Besides, anyone who could put up with Stu Spasm of Lubricated Goat for even two years gets the horns up from me!


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