Saturday 15 October 2011

The Holy Trinity Possessed

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I like a GSM, both the wine blend and Great Sounding Metal!
This one is certainly up there amongst the classier examples. Grant Burge 2004 The Holy Trinity.

Poor old Grant, copped a bit of a hiding in recent years past. See past the debacle of tree removal at a certain Corryton Park; see past the pathetic prices per tonne paid for oversupply of grapes in certain years.... That doesn’t reflect what’s in the bottle. There’s a long history of amazing wine there. And this is not a judgement on how people choose to do business.

Moving right along..... !
Best quality cork I’ve seen in ages! Seal as tight as Grant himself!!
I thought it would still be a bit young, but no, it’s hitting its straps now, very smooth!

The nose screams out salted plums, like the plum lollies you get when you leave Vietnamese restaurants! Concentrated plum, but not pruney. Really quite lovely! There’s just the right amount of savoury in there, but it tastes like spitting out fresh cherry pips! Nice!

There seems to be a few versions of The Holy Trinity of Heavy Metal....!
I suppose this comes back to the many, many styles in the genre and personal taste?
I find it near impossible to narrow it down to a top three... So did those I quizzed for some clarification!

So we’ll go with one that I’d put in my Holy Trinity of Black Metal... Possessed Severn Churches.

Though strictly speaking Black Metal, I find this one to kind of lurch towards the Thrash side of things, maybe bridging the gap to a bit of Death metal as well.... probably why I like it so much. That makes it encompass my Holy Trinity of Metal in general! All those lines are a bit blurred, really. That’s what makes them awesome albums!

From the first time I heard the haunting intro on The Exorcist I was hooked! Gutteral vocals, thrashy guitars and miles of the best dark melodies.

Burning in Hell “Sorrow in your afterlife, Victim of your sins tonight, My grasp will last”. “No one hears you scream at night, Demons own your soul with might, Illusions, delusions”.

Evil Warriors “Cursed by nightmares, When you sleep, They'll cut your throat, And blood will seep”

......Reap what you sow!


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