Friday 16 September 2011

The Velocity of Riorret

Not too long ago, a bottle of De Bortoli Merricks Grove Riorret 2008 found its way onto my wine rack. A donation of sorts, as I have several personal reasons for not buying De Bortoli products if it’s at all possible!
Anyway, it’s there, so it should be opened!

A Mornington Peninsula offering from one of Australia’s family wineries. ‘Riorret’ is ‘Terroir’ spelled backwards.... ok, whatever! That makes me think it’s been ripped out of its environment and put back together backwards! Anyway...

To use one of my favourite ever wine terms, this is a ‘Cluster-Fuck’ of flavours!

It’s on the savoury end of Pinot, a queer mix of toffee-apple but more barnyard. There’s a fair bit of toasty oak goodness in there too.
The acid is quite pronounced, in fact, it’s tighter than a fishes bum and would do well with a big decant, or splash it through an aerator (though I found the aerator was a bit rough on this one, left it a little disjointed - Precious Pinot!!). But this tart structure will hold it in great potential for ageing.

Amazing colour for a pinot, really bright ruby. The tannin comes through quite late, which gives it interesting length. This one’s hard work, but moreish at the same time! A well made wine from what must have been impeccable fruit.

The only tunes I could see truly doing justice to such a complex wine as this, are from Melbourne’s own Alarum. For those of you who never saw them, too bad, as I believe they may be no more? Correct me if I’m wrong...

As much as I appreciate the amazing music written by this band, they could be quite hard work on a first listen. They are definitely a muso’s band, being so damn technical! Have a listen to something like “Velocity”.... there’s a WHOLE lot going on there! There are some serious timing changes and there’s always the undertow of jazz to throw what you may have been expecting, straight out the window. Still, seriously good metal once you get your head around it!

My companion through this green glass journey put it fairly well when he said “ Pinot can be so uncomplicated but complicated at the same time” (JC).

So can metal! This is why we love it!


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