Friday 2 September 2011

Master’s Apprentice TR222

So, Cabernet Day. What a cracking idea!

On quick inspection of the accessible cellar, I decided to pull a ’98 Tollana Bin TR222 Cabernet out. I was hesitant, as the last one was corked – badly! But lucky spoiled me; I was given two to play with!

A curious mix of Eden Valley and Adelaide Hills fruit, another cracking idea!
If Angas Park would start using Valrhona chocolate for their chocolate coated raspberries, this is what you would get!

Amazing blood plum colour, super smooth and wild blackberry fruit intact. Higher notes of throaties and liquorice allsorts come through as it opens up. It’s beautiful, but doesn’t have a long life left.

I know I mentioned Cannibal Corpse, but it just doesn’t fit. There WILL be a time and a wine for that! But this wine needs something with a little bit more class.

Get your head around Opeth’s Master’s Apprentices. Cheers to FK for the inspiration!
Long lasting at over ten minutes, this is one of those great songs that take you on a bit of a journey.

Starting out all dark and doomy, it elevates and spirals around like a bird that’s escaped from a cage but is still trapped inside a room.
The more melodic parts were something that put me off Opeth initially. They remind me of Alice In Chains or something. But there is enough of a mix of beauty and brutality, there’s no disputing they do it damn well!

If this wine is anything to go by, I certainly wouldn’t mind being Neville Falkenberg’s Apprentice!


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