Thursday 25 August 2011

Prime Evil Pewsey Vale

A little bit about Riesling...

Much underrated by many, but one of my favourites.

Riesling is a fickle wine. I really think you’ve got to drink it brand spankin’ new or leave it alone for at least five years, probably more.

It goes through what I like to call its “grey area”, where it’s not nice and fresh and crisp anymore, but it hasn’t yet developed enough, to show the preferred aged characters of a Riesling.

It’s like a child not being cute anymore, they’re in that awkward teenage stage before they come into their own as real individuals and adults. (Though as with anything, there are those that will never amount to much!)

I should have taken my own advice and left well enough alone, but I got nosey! I have had a box of 2008 Pewsey Vale Riesling hanging around for a little while and I wanted to see how it was going!

It’s a crackin’ wine, but definitely in its adolescence! Still, worth looking at.

Picking up more colour than I thought it would have at this stage, it’s starting to smell a little tired. It’s lost any crisp citrus and floral notes it would have had in its youth. Starting to come through is that honeyed, kerosene nose, iconic of a good aged Riesling. It will get there!
The acid has dropped a little, but retained enough to hang in there, giving good length of flavour.

As I said – teenager! Lost some of its prettiness and become a touch bitter!

Even the best of bands can also go through a “grey area”. Unfortunately, many don’t come out the other side looking as good as an aged Riesling!

A great example of this is Venom! Listen to Prime Evil.... It’s still Venom, and they do have their place. But it sure isn’t “Black Metal” or “In League With Satan”! A lot can happen in eight years!

Put your Rieslings away for eight years and see what you think! The Pewsey Vale is certainly up to the task.


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