Friday 12 August 2011

The Mad Butcher of Bannockburn

What really constitutes the perfect metal song?
I’d love to hear some responses to that can of worms!

It’s ultimately a matter of personal preference. The perfect ‘anything’ comes down to taste.
But sometimes there are those times when you just know that something is that little bit extraordinary.

There are many, many, many amazing metal efforts. But for me, Destruction’s Mad Butcher off Sentence of Death (among others)comes close to being perfect (for want of another word).
One of the best riffs ever written, it’s up there with the iconic intros of Raining Blood and Sanitarium.

This song is the perfect balance of thrash. It’s brutal but melodic, solid but with incredible solos, falsettos in all the right places, dark imagery, what more could any self respecting metal head ask for?

I remember driving up Main North Road, Gepps Cross (heading out of Adelaide), there used to be a wholesale meat place, Austral Meats I think? It had this hysterical life-size sign of a guy in a butchers apron, holding a cleaver with a sinister look on his face.... never failed to make me think of Destruction!! Always a chuckle for the hour drive out to the Barossa. Many a conversation about how to fit that sign in the car...!! Hahahah!
Sorry, I digress!

For the uninitiated, please see past the lycra, bullet belts and bad perms of Destruction– it was 1984 after all! Some of Germany’s finest, I assure you!

So, what to drink with the perfect metal song?

Sharing its name with one of the most decisive battles for Scottish Independence, Bannockburn Wines from Geelong have a great reputation. The battle of Bannockburn saw Robert the Bruce – another Mad Butcher of sorts, unexpectedly hold the English at bay.

I was recently lucky enough to try a bottle of the Bannockburn 2008 Chardonnay. I know it’s a big call, but this is my new benchmark for Australian Chardonnay. It was utterly perfect in every way.
Again, I loathe using that word, but it’s true.

The perfect balance of preferred chardonnay qualities; clean and fresh limey acid, but not overly tight. Mellow peach dipped in butterscotch and a hint of white chocolate. A tiny bit creamy, but not over oaked and not an over- the- top diacetyl bomb, that so many Australian chardonnays seem to hide behind.
The balance here is sheer genius.

The perfect metal song, the perfect chardonnay, the perfect victory. It all comes together as simple as that. Life can be good!


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