Thursday 7 July 2011

Side Tracked at Jacob's Creek Ministry

Ok, so they can’t all be good....

I just opened a 2006 Jacob’s Creek Grenache Shiraz..... my other half would say “serves you right” or “told you so”!

Jacob’s Creek, yes, I know the stigma attached, but I can give you the big tip, some of the Reserve JC stuff is actually really decent!

This one however, is well past its prime! Reminded me of a bruised, floury granny smith apple.... not something pleasant in a red wine! Over extracted and somewhat oxidised.

Much like my first listen of Ministry’s Side Trax... it was bitterly disappointing! (although not as horrifying as when I bought Ministry “With Sympathy” 12 inch as a teenager.... yikes!!) Though not strictly metal, kind of metal- industrial, I really expected more from Ministry. But to be fair, it is Ministry side projects, not Ministry.
There are a couple of gems on there, but they’re few and far between....

I say this as I pour myself another glass of the ugliest thing I’ve seen in bottle for some time.... We can't all be perfect.

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