Monday 4 July 2011

The Other-Worldly Battle of Medusa & Brujeria

A big-ass wine deserves a big-ass soundtrack!
Enter the Feudi Della Medusa Cannonau Di Sardegna and Brujeria’s Matando Güeros.

Any wine company with Medusa as their logo is ok by me! And seeing as Brujeria is the Spanish for Witchcraft, the two are made for each other!

I must have been around 16 years old when I first stumbled across Brujeria. It was one of the most FULL ON things I had ever heard, not to mention the album artwork (it is worth mentioning, the Medusa of Greek mythology was also beheaded)!

The Cannonau is also a little confronting. This is the Italian version of Grenache. Unlike most massive reds, this one doesn’t have any oak contact to smooth out some of the prickly edges. So what you get is a very savoury, very full bodied and quite tannic red. Be interesting to see how it ages. What fruit there was (which you did have to look for) was a bit plummy, but developed fairly quickly into prunes.

Matando Güeros could probably be described as being a bit prickly too! My Spanish isn’t up to deciphering the lyrics for fluent listening, which is possibly for the best! Nor can I read the entire label of the Cannonau. But sometimes there are benefits to being blissfully unaware!

This wine is like Chinotto for grown-ups!


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