Friday 1 July 2011

Mastodon in the Bay of Fires

There’s something lacking thus far on this here rant and rave otherwise known as a blog... Haven’t mentioned a white yet! That is a little strange, as I do very much enjoy a good white.

At a birthday recently, the host pulled out a bottle I had given them back in 2004. It was a Bay of Fires 1999 Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay

. I must say, it had held up extremely well. Wishing I had some left actually!

What better record for festivities than Mastodon’s Blood Mountain? Capillarian Crest coins it perfectly with “12 years of silence”. 1999! How time flies! You wouldn’t know this wine was 12 years young, though it had picked up a bit of honeyed straw in the colour.

Being from the north of the “Sleeping Giant” that is Tasmania, this wine was a prime example of why Tassie is the sparkling capital of Australia. It was only just starting to get those developed, calvados -type characters of an aged vintage sparkling.
One could almost be mistaken for thinking that “Circle of Cysquatch” IS Tasmania, with lyrics like “Fly through dreamscapes, of Valleys, Gullies and spires. Herd across suicidal slopes”

There was a little bit of appley aldehyde going on, but mostly grapefruit. Not overly yeasty, but a nice touch of bread to back up the lean fruit.
Beautiful streams of “Crystal Skull” bubbles, constant throughout.

The Bay of Fires (both place and wines) are well worth a look. Be sure to have Mastodon handy on your mp3 player!!


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