Wednesday 27 July 2011

Leave 'Nessie in the Depths of the Loch!!

2009 was a bloody hot year in the Barossa. Unfortunately this wine shows it! The Smith & Hay 2009 Barossa Cabernet.
Being a later ripening variety, Cabernet would have copped the full force of the second of the really bad heatwaves in recent vintages.

Putting your nose in a glass doesn’t often remind you of opening a bag of dried fruit, nor should it for most wines. This poor little Cab must have been picked looking like raisins! Underneath the raisins lurks a little bit of varietal greenness. Alas, not much to see here.

The wine tastes extremely disjointed. I daresay there were a few dilute acid additions along the way! Good old “Sky Wine”!

For the full effect, dig out Judas Priest’s “Angel of Retribution”. Listen to Track # 10 Lochness – all thirteen minutes and thirty seconds of it! I dare you! Brings a decent album to a very slow, somewhat painful close!

This wine is old and sad and tired before its time.
Available from The Wine Society, they’ve certainly been steered in an interesting direction with this one! One time to hope for “Limited Supply” I think!

On the other hand, you could look at this wine as capturing the” vintage that was” and just take it for what it is.... Up to you!

But for my money.... Sometimes fruit should never be picked...


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