Saturday 23 July 2011

Cherry Pie at Red Hill

Ahhh, Pinot. The Burgundian Beastie that (in my opinion) Australia is yet to tame. Not something I choose to drink a lot of; partly due to numerous disappointments, partly ignorance.
Though I am making a concerted effort to keep trying ‘til I find the ones I like...

The 2008 Red Hill Estate Mornington Pinot Noir – Lolly Pinot!
These guys have been around for some time, so I guess I expected something a little more daring.

It’s like stewy, cooked raspberries! Thin and pale-ruby colour, but not at all to the detriment. Thought I detected a hint of VA when it was first opened, but it wasn’t an issue. It was a little like drinking cherry cordial, so could be damn dangerous in Summer!
This one should be pretty easy to track down too...

Listen to Warrant Cherry Pie while drinking this wine! I know, I know! It’s more glam than metal! But hey....

Lolly wine deserves Lolly Metal!


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