Monday 27 June 2011

Oooh Crikey.... It's Bobar!

Ever looking for something different? Enquiring minds look no further. The Bobar Yarra Valley Syrah 2010 is not like anything else I have tasted, at least not in Australia!

This wine is an example of throwing conventional winemaking practices out the window. It is minimally handled, so what you get is the raw product, no excess chemicals to enhance the good, or mask the bad. Minimal Sulphur Dioxide addition pre-bottle makes this more preservative free than some others claim to be.

The perfect drinking companion to this wine was a touch of Lawnmower Deth! Yep, The Return of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns! A little bit brutal, a little bit funny.

There was something going on in the glass that I couldn’t quite put my finger on... verging on microbial, but strangely alluring at the same time!
A little bit wrong, like "Paranoid Polaroid", but you have to keep listening, ‘cause it’s a great song!

There was a bit of green–ness in there, which is bound to happen with whole bunch ferment. But it wasn’t particularly stalky or offensive. A hint of black olives gave a certain savoury element.

The Bobar reminded me of Sangria. This probably had something to do with the little bit of spritz it has going on... It would work well chilled in Summer. Though could leave you “Drunk In Charge Of An Ugly Face”!


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