Friday 17 June 2011

Lustau Anaesthesia Kills ‘Em All

Brush up on your sherry basics to know where this one is coming from...

NO. Sherry is not just what your Nanna used to drink and Mum used to cook with.
Perhaps some of the crap we have in Australia could be deemed less than perfect, but there’s a whole crazy world of Jerez (Sherry) out there!

The Palo Cortado (in this case the Emilio Lustau) is the accident of Jerez. It occurs when an Oloroso barrel spontaneously grows a Flor (usually confined to the Fino barrels). So you end up with a half way point between the dryness of the Fino and the richness of Oloroso.
The term “Cortado” refers to the “Cut” or cross made on the front of a contaminated barrel by the winemaker.

The “Cut” is very final. That barrel can no longer be destined for where it once was...
Much like one of Heavy Metal’s biggest accidents, the death of Cliff Burton.

We hereby pay homage to Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) from Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All, with one accident, to another.

I never really liked Sherry until I tried the Palo Cortado, just as I was a late convert to Metallica. It was Kill ‘Em All that won me over.

This wine is salted toffee in a glass. It’s dry up front, then it lingers with an oaky, bready, cookie-dough finish (the wino’s may call it “rancio”), warmed up by the 19% alc/vol.

Biggest tip – serve it chilled. Not cold, just enough to take the edge off.

A little sombre, I know. But sometimes it’s just gotta be done.

Raise a glass to Cliff.



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