Tuesday 14 June 2011

Kaesler and the Pope of Satyricon

There is no denying that Kaesler wines are the quintessential Big, Bad, Barossa Monsters – Diabolically Big!

They are not for the faint-hearted, more often than not weighing in at a hefty 16% alc/vol. (It’s worth noting here, that label laws in Australia give 1.5% leeway on what the label says, 0.5% for export, so 16% could actually be 17.5%..... Rutherglen Durifs, you know who you are!!).
Let's just say, you know that you’ve had one by the headache that follows!

What better music to accompany these beasts but some solid Black Metal?!

I was quite reminded of Satyricon’s “Now, Diabolical” whilst enjoying a 2007 Kaesler Avignon last week.

Avignon, the crowning glory of the Rhone region in France, has the Palace of the Popes – the Rites of a very Different Cross, but significant religious connotations nonetheless!(and if you ever get the chance to try a Chateauneuf de Pape – DO IT!! The “K.I.N.G.” of Rhone reds!)

The Avignon is a GSM, a Grenache, Shiraz and Mouvedre blend (also typical of the Rhone). But in this case, we’ll call it Great Sounding Metal!

This 2007 wasn’t as fruity as I remember the Avignon being (though the last one I had was younger, hence fresher). Granted, it is Grenache based, which can be quite a savoury and dry component. And the Grenache here was very prominent. What fruit shone through was very juicy blackberry, backed up by fresh licorice. Yuuuumm!
You cannot fault the colour, even after four years, “That Darkness Shall Be Eternal”!

Satyricon just have that certain something.... a solid, trancey, FULL sound. Simple, yet effective!
So too do the Kaesler wines adhere to this formula. Great, old-vine fruit, tampered with, very little. Recipe for success!



  1. Nice blog. GreaR REVIEWS on Grenache wines

  2. Cheers! Grenache seems so under-rated in Australia! Time to dispell the myths and get it out there I think!