Wednesday 8 June 2011

1977 Château Musar meets Motorhead Kiss of Death

Having been down this path before, only to be severely disappointed by a corked bottle... I’ve given this wine the benefit of the doubt and tried it again. Lucky huh?! I know these things aren’t easy to come by.
I had it on good authority that it can be an absolute cracker! And you know what, it was!
My choice of music for this interesting acquisition is Motorhead’s Kiss of Death.

This wine began its life in precarious circumstances, being produced at the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War, apparently in between air-raids! So fitting to hear Sword of Glory “Soldier, Soldier”... Yes! Lebanese! I know it may appear at a glance to be somewhat French.... but no, a great cover version, just like Whiplash!
So too, this wine ends  life in precarious circumstances;  The cork fell apart when trying to extract it, so under sufferance we decanted via a small sieve.
Best described as a grumpy old man with a bit of a stink on, this bottle was poignantly matched to God Was Never On your Side. Very smooth, but with a gruffness there, leaving you with the thought that things may be on the decline...  Lemmy’s not getting any younger, and this bottle was (in my opinion) past it’s prime. Though still fascinating and most drinkable!
Amazing deep ruby colour for something that was put in a bottle over 30 years ago. Still rockin’ out after all this time!
As for the stink... this wine hadn’t seen fresh air in over 30 years (and if the nicotene stains on Lemmy’s fingers are anything to go by, neither has he!). It mostly blew off with the decant anyway.
A very savoury wine, so not to everyone’s taste. Nonetheless a classic wine to be enjoyed with such a classic record.


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